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Payment Methods by Country

The Most Popular Payment Methods in Mexico

Mexico is the 15th largest e-commerce market in the world, with a growth rate of 27% in 2021. The country is projected to have a growth rate of 17% per year, well above the global average. Credit and charge cards are the most common payment method, with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Banamex, and Carnet being popular options. Localized credit cards that can only be used for domestic purchases make up 67% of payments. Other popular payment platforms include Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and SafetyPay. Oxxo, a convenience store chain in Mexico, has partnered with Amazon to allow its prepaid debit cards to be used as a payment method on the e-commerce platform. OxxoPay, a payment service offered by Oxxo for utility bills, can also be used for online purchases.

Popular offline payment methods in Mexico

Bank Transfers
Wire Transfers
Mobile Wallets

List of payment methods in Mexico

OXXO is a popular convenience store chain in Mexico that offers a payment service allowing customers to make diverse payments, such as utility bills, online purchases, and international remittances. To use OXXO for payments, customers choose it during online checkout, receive a barcode or reference number, and then pay in cash at any OXXO store, where the cashier scans the code and issues a receipt. This method is convenient for those without traditional banking services or those who prefer cash payments, and it is widely accepted by online merchants in Mexico, providing a secure and accessible payment option for a variety of products and services.
Mastercard is extensively accepted as a payment method in Mexico, applicable at most retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and online merchants. It is also usable at ATMs across the country for cash withdrawals in Mexican pesos. To use a Mastercard, present it to the cashier or insert it into a chip-enabled terminal, possibly requiring a PIN or signature. Some places allow contactless payments through Mastercard’s tap-and-go technology. However, cash may be necessary in smaller establishments or rural areas. Travelers are advised to inform their bank or credit card issuer about their Mexico trip to avoid potential issues with card security. Overall, Mastercard is a convenient and widely embraced payment option in Mexico for both locals and tourists.
Visa is extensively accepted for both in-person and online transactions, including major retailers like Walmart and Liverpool, as well as local businesses. Visa cards can be used at restaurants, cafes, and ATMs, but some ATMs may charge fees. Travelers are advised to inform their bank of travel plans, use secure ATMs, and monitor transactions for security. Overall, Visa is a convenient and widely accepted payment method in Mexico, providing ease of use for purchases and cash withdrawals.
American Express is widely accepted as a payment method in Mexico. Many businesses, including hotels, restaurants, and retail stores, accept American Express cards for payment. Additionally, American Express has a strong presence in Mexico and offers a variety of credit card options for Mexican consumers. Cardholders can use their American Express cards to make purchases both online and in-person throughout the country.
Apple Pay is available and can be used in Mexico. It was launched in the country in 2017, allowing users to make contactless payments using their iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad at supported merchants.