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Great & Easy!

Seems to work well so far with Authorize.Net. Easy setup, great instructions.

Ted K

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Connect your Payment Gateway

Gateways supported:, Braintree, PayPal Business, PayPal Business Pro, SagePay, Stripe, USAePAY or WorldPay

PCI Compliance

You need to be PCI compliant if you want to accept card payments. We take this burden off your hands and provide the highest level of compliance (PCI DSS Level 1).

Improve cash flow

By encouraging customers to pay invoices online we’ve seen payment times reduced to a couple of days as opposed to the usual 30+. Having cash in the bank is imperative for businesses to succeed, it’s worth sacrificing card transactions fees to achieve this.

Saving you time

You can choose to automatically record all payments made via Invoice Payments by Shuttle in QuickBooks, this saves you lots of time when you come to reconcile your transactions not to mention the money you might spend on a bookkeeper.

Send payment links

You’ll receive a unique payment link after connecting QuickBooks to Invoice Payments by Shuttle, you can then insert these into your email and invoice templates so that your customers can pay you online.


Simple, intuitive, great support – it’s a fabulous solution, especially for small businesses. It’s way easier to implement than some of the other solutions I looked at and I love that they have a free plan for smaller businesses… Looking forward to growing with Invoice Payments by Shuttle!

Steph Lee
Host Agency Reviews

Save Customer Cards

Regardless of whichever gateway you choose to use, Invoice Payments by Shuttle enables your customers to save their card to speed up future payments.

Partial Payments

You can turn on the ability for your customers to pay an invoice in part, this might be useful if they are paying a deposit, want to pay in installments or have a restriction on their card.

Auto Record Payments

Invoice Payments by Shuttle enables automatic recording of payments made back into QuickBooks, this saves you time when it comes to reconciling transactions and confirming payments have been made.

Email Notifications

You can enable Invoice Payments by Shuttle to send you email notifications when a payment has been successfully made, you can enter any email address for extra flexibility.

Add your Logo

Paid subscribers can add their logo, which appears to their customers on the payment pages. Creating a trusted payment experience and improving conversion of successful payments.

Custom Payment Links

Paid users can create a custom payment URL that they can send to their customers. This might include your company name to improve the trust of the web page that your customers are visiting.

Customer Experience
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Personalise your URL
Add your logo
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Ideal for Freelancers

Free Plan


Record payments made our app
Save customer cards
Partial payments
Email notification on payment made
Secure and PCI level 1 compliant

Ideal for professionals

Basic Plan


Free +
Add your own logo
Custom Pay URL
Email support
25% discount if paid annually

5 mins to setup


1 min video on how it works

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