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Payments Roadmap Done

Shuttle is the only solution built for software platforms. Consolidate all your payment integrations. Deliver leading finance features to your customers quickly. Save time on maintenance.

Technical Platform

Providing payment infrastructure and features to power ecommerce within your application. Including connectivity to leading payment service providers enabling you to build quickly and future proof payments.

Platform Dashboard

Revenue Share Program

We have revenue share and referral deals with our payment partners and wrap up those agreements into a simple way for you, the software vendor, to make money from payments. Payments no longer need to be a cost centre and limited to one payment provider.

For multi-tenant platforms, single-tenant and on prem.


More customers.
Better product.
Increased revenue.

  • White label Shuttle payments components
  • Views and control over payments
  • Merchant self-service capabilities
  • Improved checkout conversion
  • Always up to date, always compliant


Management Portal

Works in tandem with the API to enable a no code configuration of payments:

— Supports one or many ‘applications’
— Team management and permissions
— SSO with Google
— Merchant stats and insight
— Configuration of experience, sandbox and live environments
— View of global payments availability

Merchant Setup

  • Embeddable
  • Dynamic based on payments enabled
  • Dynamic based on country
  • Handles keys and OAuth
  • Handles gateway options
  • Basic payment routing rules

Merchant View

  • Embeddable in product for merchants
  • Views of transactions and status
  • See end customers activity
  • Available for customer service team
  • Recurring payment management
  • Refund UI
  • Checkout and store card UI


  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant
  • Dynamic multi-gateway support
  • Handles all payment methods automatically
  • Inline or pop-up or new window
  • SCA compliant, 3DS flows handled natively
  • Auth, capture, tokenise
  • Express checkout module for BNPL etc

Merchant Portal

  • Shuttle branded & managed
  • Latest Shuttle components for merchants
  • Payment analytics for merchants
  • Notifications for failing payments for merchants
  • Weekly performance emails for merchants


Our REST API is available with examples and best of breed, we have seen a few payments APIs y’know!

We don’t want you to have to always be coding new payments integrations so our API is separate from our configuration of payments and Shuttle experience.


The Payments Platform that’s ready to go.

“Shuttle has helped us deliver great payment solutions to our customers and have provided great support throughout.”
Gari Gono, Head of Solution – Instanda



Why use Shuttle vs build it yourself


Annual saving instead of building in-house


Gartner statistic for total cost of PCI DSS Level 1 compliance over 2.35 years


Average time saving on integrating 6 payment providers

We’re Payments Experts

So you don’t have to be.

Serious time and money is wasted by software platforms who build payments teams and attempt to support their customers payment requirements and issues, this is no longer a problem with Shuttle.

Your team can focus on what you do best and use Shuttle to deliver the gold standard in payments technology and support. We partner with PSPs to enable you and your customers effectively, driving growth and retention.

Payments are no longer just a necessity, they’re a differentiator.

Shuttle Platform Tour

(skip to 4mins to get into product)


Referral Only


20% Revenue Share
Use of referral system
Access to our community
Bronze SLA bundled
T&Cs apply


Tech + Marketplace

Free to eligible

Up to 80% Revenue Share
Referral + Tech + Magic
Access to our community
Unlimited payment services
All payment features
Bronze SLA bundled
T&Cs apply


Tech. Only

£2,000/m + £0.02/txn

No Revenue Share
Fully white-label, no Shuttle Marketplace
No Access to our community
Unlimited payment services
All payment features
Bronze SLA bundled
T&Cs apply