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Integrate payments into your app.
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Our simple to use API

Embed a PCI DSS compliance payment process into your software product using any of Bolt’s connected payment gateways.

Catch webhooks and trigger events in your software or QuickBooks.


We’re here to help

You can chat with us online throughout your development process if you need to.

We understand that payments support is a time-sensitive issue for you and your customers.

We give you the basic tools to diagnose customer payments issues, but if there is a need for 2nd or 3rd line support you can raise a ticket with us. We'll respond according to the timings agreed in the publishing option you have chosen.

Free vs Paid

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How much does it cost?

All our plans include: Sandbox & Live Payments.

Pricing is calculated on a flat fee plus transaction fee model.

We'd be happy to provide you with an accurate price.

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It’s free to get started #nobrainer


Once you’ve signed up we’ll give you access to our integration guide and everything you need to get started

Wait, I have some more questions…

What am I signing up to?

You’re signing up for the Bolt Developer program, where there is no commitment to complete your integration in any timescale. If you do choose to go live, you will need to agree to our terms and conditions and choose a publishing option.

What's the difference between Startup (free) and Grow (Paid)?

The Grow plan allows you to brand the payments experience with your brand or let your customers add their own branding for free. We also provide a greater (Silver) level of support to our White Label clients.

The Startup plan is free for you to use and integrate with your software and your customers can choose to remove the Bolt branding by subscribing to our monthly plan for £12 (roughly $16) per month. You will receive our bronze level support, details available in the developer portal once you’ve signed up.

Do you charge transaction fees on top of the payment gateway?

We don’t charge extra fees on top, but we do factor the volume of transactions that pass through our system and adjust your billing plan accordingly for the next month. Therefore, you are not penalized for unexpected transaction volume and can plan for the future.

How long will it take to do an integration with Bolt?

We reckon you can be testing payments within a few hours. The rest depends on how you want to integrate the administration of Bolt into your UI, what legacy payments you may have to deal with and the competency of your developer team.

Can we really pass off PCI compliance to Bolt?

Yes, you can as long as you’re not transmitting or storing card data anywhere else that Bolt cannot be responsible for.

Can I invite my team to the portal?

Yes, we allow you to invite team members to the portal, this may help if you have multiple developers or need a customer support person to see transaction issues for a customer.

Where do I get further support?

Our chat is available in the developer portal and you can always send an email to

Is it available in my country?

You can use Bolt anywhere in the world as long as the Payment Gateway allows you to.

Is Bolt available available in other languages?

Sorry, but it isn’t right now.