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All in one payment processor, self service account management and feature rich.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a complete solution that combines the functionality of a merchant account and a gateway in one, which means you only need Stripe to accept payments and deposit funds into a bank account. You cannot use existing merchant accounts or gateways with Stripe, as it functions as both already.

How does Stripe Work?

Sign up with Stripe and you can start accepting payments immediately. You can connect your bank account so that payments can be settled once processed. You will only be able to settle payments into your bank account after Stripe have approved you and up to 7 days have passed since the payment was processed.

What are the benefits of using Stripe?

Quick to setup basic payment processing, out of the box features and paid add-ons.

Is Stripe for you?

Ideal for small to medium sized merchants who want to process payments locally or internationally. Local and alternative payment methods are supported. Along with a new in-store terminal solution for certain countries.

Stripe Merchants profile: Low risk

Stripe Sources Supported: Ecommerce, POS, MOTO, Recurring

Stripe Countries Supported: 46

Stripe Payment Methods Supported: 34

Stripe Pricing: Blended rate model, fixed for small merchants. Negotiable for large merchants. With Stripe you will see a processing fee plus a gateway fee e.g. 1.4% + 20p. The price varies by country; local and international card payments have different fees and local payment methods are priced accordingly.

Trustpilot Score: 3/5

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