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SCA Webinar

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Key SCA points:

  • 14 September 2019 is the enforcement date
  • SCA is part of PSD2, EU legislation
  • Only for EU to EU, but in some cases if the buyer is in the EU
  • Software providers need to ensure the processors that they use or they themselves have built-in 3D Secure 2 compatibility.
  • Merchants should only use software vendors or processors that comply with the SCA rules and PSD2.
  • Merchants need to realise that there will be extra friction at checkout for their customers even with 3D Secure 2 firmly in place.
  • Recurring payments have to be authenticated on the first payment.
  • Fraud will be reduced
  • Liability for fraud will be passed on to the issuing bank
  • MOTO and merchant-initiated transactions are not covered by SCA, so make sure you flag these as such

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