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CardConnect is a full-stack payments platform that makes it easy to accept payments.

What is CardConnect?

CardConnect offers a merchant account and separate payment gateway, which means you only need CardConnect to accept payments and deposit funds into a bank account.

How does CardConnect Work?

Once you’ve completed the form and been approved you can start accepting payments from around the world.

What are the benefits of using CardConnect?

CardConnect has a number of products for merchants who might want to sell in any channel. Faster settlement times than other providers. CardConnect is able to reduce business card processing fees.

Is CardConnect for you?

Only for US based merchants.

CardConnect Merchants profile: Low risk

CardConnect Sources Supported: Ecommerce, POS, MOTO, Recurring

CardConnect Countries Supported: 1

CardConnect Payment Methods Supported: 9

Typical settlement time: 1-2 days

CardConnect Pricing: Blended rate model, fixed for small merchants. Negotiable for large merchants. With CardConnect you will see a processing fee plus a gateway fee e.g. 1.4% + 20p. The price varies by country; local and international card payments have different fees and local payment methods are priced accordingly.

Trustpilot Score: 2.6 /5

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