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The Merchant Portal

The one place where you can stay on top of your payments

  • See any payment failures across all your processors
  • See why they failed & if retried
  • Get notified about performance and issues by email
  • Get recommendations on saving money & converting more sales
Helping some of the finest grow

You can’t get everything you need from your payment gateway or software vendor.

Your payment gateway or your software vendor didn't build their software to help you increase your sales 😲 And they certainly weren't built to help you quickly identify payment failures, summarise performance or even reduce cost of sale. They were built to help create tickets, inventory, products, videos, run a call centre, process a payment... You get the idea.

Well, that's why we built the Merchant Portal to fill the important gap that the others left.

Your Control Panel for Growth

Volume Oversight

Transaction metrics from all your payment providers across different payment methods in one place

Issue Resolution

See failing payments and why they’re failing, then take action to remedy, save painful problems that could arise if you didn’t

More Payment Channels

The more places you can sell the more sales you can make. Connect Shuttle apps to increase payment channels

More Capital

Recommendations for increasing payments acceptance, reducing fees and how to find financing that’s right for you


Daily & Weekly Emails

Subscribe to the emails and you will get your payments performance delivered to your inbox.

Daily emails contain volume processed and any errors that you should look at. We categorise these errors into Red and Amber, based on how important we think they are to you. You can then click through to our transaction views to review any errors. Errors might be failed payments that you need to rectify before delivering goods or services.

In the weekly emails we will summarise the past week for you with some comparisons over the past weeks. This saves you time logging into your payment providers report if you just want high level figures and comparisons.

merchant email

Perform Refunds

It’s usually pretty hard to do a refund for things like invoices or where you don’t have a shopping cart backend. Good news – we’ve made full and partial refunds available to you from with our portal.

You might see a payment failure, which could result in a chargeback and therefore being able to quickly refund something could mean there’s no chargeback fee.

Or running a refund from your banking portal might only available to certain team members, which is a pain, well, invite your team to use our portal and process a refund for your customers without the hassle.

Fast & Easy

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