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Revenue Based Finance

Get money in 24hrs, from 0% interest

  • Help to find the right financing for your business
  • Quick decisions from leading providers
  • B2C & B2B across all industries
  • From 30% to 6x your revenue available
Helping some of the finest grow

Finance that works for you

Credit Facilities

Cashflow your business effectively

B2B Invoice Finance

Make it easier for your suppliers to pay you

Capital Investment

Larger amounts without giving any equity away

Ecommerce Specific

Loans for ecommerce merchants

What is Revenue Based Financing?

It’s finance provided to your business based on predictable income. The loan is typically repaid directly from future sales with low interest and rolling credit lines since you’re leveraging your future revenue.

Example 1 for ecommerce businesses

You have regular ecommerce sales via cards. The finance provider is able to easily see your track record and loan against that based on future predictions.

Example 2 for SaaS businesses

You have a SaaS or subscription business model and are able to use your history along with your predictable revenue to get access to capital, since you have a scalable asset larger loans might be available.

Example 3 for businesses that send large invoices

You send invoices to existing customers, but instead of waiting 30 days for these invoices to be paid you want them immediately credited by the finance provider.

No brainer

Who is it for?

Revenue Based Financing is for any business willing to leverage their future revenue for immediate loan capital. This could B2C or B2B that sell physical or digital products.

Shuttle does not offer any providers that support high risk industries and not all our providers support the travel industry. You might have to use the loan for a specific supplier or it might be totally up to you how you spend the money.

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