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Get Fraud & Chargeback Protection

Reduce fraud, increase sales and reduce payment fees

  • The market is confusing we’ll help you find the right deal 
  • Whether you’re a merchant, software vendor or payment gateway
  • See who offers chargeback protection & other key features
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Fraud Protection that works for you

Identity Verification

Separate good customers from bad ones

Fraud Detection

Identify and prevent suspicious activity

Chargeback Protection

Intercept and resolve disputes with chargeback protection

Sell More for Less

Increase acceptance rates and reduce cost

Which fraud provider is right for you?

  • Get a recommendation based on your business structure
  • Features and pricing relevant
  • Works with your current stack of technology
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Who is it for?

Fraud protection is a must for every merchant. With fraud increasing 20% each year and certain sectors rife with problems it’s no good being reactive any more.

Businesses need to become proactive, protect themselves before the payments is made or order is released; also, prove to others in the chain that they are trustworthy.

If you’re running a FMCG or travel business you need fraud protection yesterday.

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